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How to Change the Appearance of Your App – STYLEBOOK


Getting started

You can customize the appearance of your app on the Themes and Media Library tabs of your admin account. On the Themes tab, you can configure color scheme of screens, upload an image or logo FREE, WAITING and BOOKED, choose between light/dark mode, change text color (black/white) and adjust the color of statuses including active items.

The Media Library tab is used to upload, save and manage images and company logos for the app background.

1. Log in to your Cloud account

Click the Themes tab in the left column of the Dashboard. In the menu bar at the top of the editor screen there are two themes ready for you: Default and Dark Mode. Work with one of them or create a new customized theme.

2. Create a customized theme

You can create a new theme using the + Add button in the bar at the top of the screen. Create themes that match your branding or let your imagination run wild to create new visuals. There’s no limit to the number of customized themes.

From Step 3 on, you can skip any steps of the instructions and go back to the adjustment of your customized design at any point.

3. Upload a photo and logo to the app background

Use the SELECT button to upload an image or logo from your computer or from Media Library. You can find the required formats for landscape and portrait orientation in button descriptions.

4. Color scheme of the app

Simply toggle between Light and Dark Mode in APPEARANCE to choose the required color scheme.

5. Status background color and opacity

  • In the BACKGROUND column, choose the FREE, WAITING and BOOKED status color from a color scale or set your own color code*. You can check the color setting of each screen in the PREVIEW bar above the tablet screen.
    * For your own color codes, see your corporate identity design brochure.

  • Set the status background opacity on a scale from 0% to 100% in the COLOR OPACITY bar. SAVE or CANCEL any changes using the buttons in the top right corner of the screen.

6. Change text style and color

Toggle between Abc and Abc to change text style on black and white for each status. You can adjust any text color of WAITING and BOOKED ongoing events in the ACTIVE ITEM column.

When you’ve finished, remember to save the theme you created and add it to a group or a device at a specific meeting or conference room in the admin section. You can set and change your themes according to your needs with no limitations.

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