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Integration with MagTarget – VisualTarget Lighted


Warning! This plugin requires VisualTarget – Lighted Enclosure for iPad.

⚠ Never use the plugin with your headphones or external speakers on: the app will play a high-frequency sound that is very unpleasant each time the room status changes.

ℹ With the plugin allowed, VisualTarget must be connected to a headphone jack on your iPad at all times. Set the volume to 25% (4/16 level) or higher to allow the app to function properly.


  1. Please contact our support team to enable 3rd party integration for your MeetingRoomApp Cloud account
  2. This plugin requires iOS/iPadOS 9.0+
  3. Visual Target LIGHTED connected to a headphone jack on your iPad
  4. MeetingRoomApp 4.3.4 and later (iOS/iPadOS platform)

How to enable MagTarget plugin?

Go to your iPad -> Settings -> MeetingRoomApp -> MagTarget

1) Allow MagTarget plugin

2) Select default or customize colors

3) Adjust a brightness

4) Open MeetingRoomApp and confirm Alert dialog otherwise plugin will be disabled

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