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Getting Started with G Suite (Google Apps for Work)


Room resources

We recommend you create Room Resources in Google Administration Console. Each meeting room should have one room resource in your G Suite account (see the documentation).

Following this step, you need to set up your new MeetingRoomApp Google Account with the subscribed room resources calendars and the permissions writing function for these calendars. This is necessary to work with MeetingRoomApp correctly. For more information see this article.

You can manage writing permissions for calendars from your Administrator’s account in Calendar Settings of Google Calendar Web Application. The minimum required permission for MeetingRoomApp account is “Make changes to events”. The details are available here.


  1. Create a new room resource or manage your current room resources
  2. Create a new Google Account with “writing access” to subscribed calendars of room resources in the new account
  3. Install MeetingRoomApp application on your Android device
  4. In Android settings, add a new Google Account
  5. Check your synced calendars in your classic Calendar application and select the room calendar in syncing options inside the Calendar application
  6. Open MeetingRoomApp and select a room calendar
  7. Close settings and check the hidden features and gestures section

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