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Room Display

A room display is a digital device or screen that is typically installed outside a meeting room or conference room to provide information about the status and schedule of the room. It shows information such as the current meeting, the upcoming meetings, and the availability of the room.

What is a Room Display?

Room Display App
A room display is an important tool for managing meeting rooms and other shared spaces in a workplace or educational environment. By providing real-time information about room availability and scheduling, it can help to prevent scheduling conflicts and ensure that rooms are being used efficiently. It can also help to streamline the booking process by allowing users to view and reserve available rooms directly from the display.

MeetingRoomApp is a meeting room booking system including a solution for room displays.

Here are some ways that room displays can be used in a workplace setting:

  1. Room availability: Room display can be used to show the availability of a meeting room in real-time. This information can help employees quickly identify an available room when they need to schedule a meeting, and it can also help to prevent scheduling conflicts.
  2. Room booking: Some room displays are used to book a meeting room directly from the display. This can save time and reduce the administrative burden of managing room bookings.
  3. Meeting information: Room display shows information about upcoming meetings, such as the name of the meeting
  4. Show availability of other meeting rooms: Room display shows availability of other nearest meeting rooms.

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