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Customer Service

Customer support is available to customers who have valid and active subscription of Support or Support+ service.

Customer support is provided via telephone, e-mail or other means of electronic communication (depending on the type of service). App updates without customer support available for customers with valid and active maintenance programs.

For any questions you may have, use Intercom – our live chat window (see the icon in the bottom right corner). Intercom will help you to navigate to the right person who will help you solve any requests.

Help center

The help center is available at help-center.meetingroomapp.com.


Cloud (Android, iOS, Web Digital Signage)

If you have a valid maintenance program, you can use the updates available at the App Store or Google Play. If your device doesn’t have Google Play available, you can download the latest app versions of the MeetingRoomApp administration.


Please contact your reseller directly with any requests you may have.

Customer Support


The guaranteed response time is 1 business day.

MONDAY – FRIDAY: 9 am – 18 pm (CET)

Contact: [email protected]


The guaranteed response time is 2 hours.

MONDAY – FRIDAY: 9 am – 18 pm (CET)

Contact: [email protected]
Telephone number: +420 237 839 130


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