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Privacy Policy

Privacy and purpose of the document

Company Letsgood.com s.r.o. (hereinafter the “Company”, “We”, “Us”), which developed, owns and operates website www.MeetingRoomApp.com (the “Site”), mobile applications MeetingRoomApp for Android and iOS, cloud application management https://cloud.meetingroomapp.com and Web App run on https://app.meetingroomapp.com (hereinafter the “Service”) provides you, the visitors and users of the Service (hereinafter collectively “user”) information especially about:

  • What information (data) for service users and visitors congregate.
  • For what purpose our company collects personal information.
  • How the company uses personal data and how to ensure their safety.
  • Whether and to whom personal data are transferred.
  • What are your rights in relation to the processing personal data

Any use of personal data of users in accordance with the Act no. 101/2000 Sb about privacy and other laws and regulations applicable in the Czech Republic. The legal relationship between the Company and the users shall be governed by Czech law. If you have additional questions that we have not answered in this document, please contact us at privacy@meetingroomapp.com. Likewise, if you believe that personal information is not used correctly, or the data are inaccurate, just contact us at privacy@meetingroomapp.com and we can discuss it. The user has the right to an explanation, respectively. require the removal of unsuitable information. So please, take a few minutes to read the following information. By visiting the Site and using the Services you agree the company can use your personal information as described in this document. You provide the data voluntarily. By visiting the Site and using the Services users express that they voluntary agree with the content of this document, voluntarily acknowledge the rights and obligations arising from it towards them, or other entity. If you do not agree with this document, do not use our services and website.

What information we collect

We need user’s data to be able to provide quality services, and to operate the Site and services without unnecessary legal and material risks. In case you refuse to provide us the necessary information, we have the right to refuse providing our services to you. Personal data are processed according to this document, and only for the time that is necessary to achieve the purpose for which they are collected. What the purpose of collecting data is, we will go through later in the document. As long as we need information to be able to provide services or related products, the information associated with your account is to be kept until you delete your account. Exception may be the information that has to archived (for example for tax purposes) or any other formal obligation. To use the Service, you must register on the relevant website (www.play.google.com) and download the application to your device.

By using the services, the Company gets information about its users such as name, address, e-mail address, photos of the user (through Gravatar – www.en.gravatar.com), the device ID of the user. When you communicate with the Company (eg. Via e-mail correspondence), we may keep a record of the common communication, so we are able to assist in resolving any possible subsequent problems as well as for the purpose of fulfilling our contractual obligations and we have solved everything better next time. Records can also serve as evidence when possible issues rise up.

Cookies and similar technologies

By visiting or using the service we can obtain more information about you or your device (mobile, desktop, or any other, whatever you use for our Service or Site).

Pages can collect and store certain information about their visitors (see. Above – collectively, the “user”) by using various technologies. Pages get information such as users visits or their behavior on the Site. This may also involve the use of cookies or similar technologies. The company may get information that identifies what browser you use, or device, or other information (IP address, etc.). Cookies are defined as the files that are stored to your browser/device from a website, application, or advertising you are viewing. Then the connection can include information such as the name of your Internet service provider, IP address of the device, the date and time you used the site, what type of device or browser you are using, or what functions in the context of the use of the Site or the Services you prefer.

Cookies and similar technologies can be useful helpers. They are aware when a particular login account server remembers data you put in and it fills it in automatically next time, saving you time and, ultimately, promote or enable features for security and help detect user activity, which could lead to violations of binding documents.

The service may also use technology enabling a user configuration (SharedPreferences) to be saved, in order to simplify the use of services and to support its improvement in general.

These technologies help the Company to improve use of the Site and Services, their management, trend analysis and surveys (eg. For better understanding, enhancement and exploration of products offered), and overall technical support of our services. Protection of information thus gained devote the same attention as the protection of personal data.

The company does not use cookies to collect personal data or any similar technologies that can be used to identify the user – socalled Non-anonymous cookies. However, if you wish to prevent the use of technologies that store files to your device, you can simply reject or block cookies use within the Site by changing the settings on your Internet browser. For more information, use the “help functions” in your Internet browser. Please note that most Internet browsers permits the use of these technologies, and therefore if you do not wish to use cookies, it may be necessary to actively block them or delete. For more information about the use of cookies in Internet browsers on mobile phones, and details on how to disable these or delete them, use the instruction manual for your mobile phone or visit the website www.allaboutcookies.com. If you disable cookies, you will still be able to visit the site, however it is possible that some functions will not work properly. How we use information collected (for what purpose)

Any information we collect is used to provide, maintain, protect and improve the Sites and Services and also the development of new features. Moreover, information are collected so that we can provide the appropriate services, and can also be used for the implementation of internal research and development testing of new functions by analyzing the information obtained, we can possibly evaluate and improve services, develop new products, features, conduct audits and solve problems.

How is information shared

Basically we do not share personal information with companies, organizations or individuals outside of Letsgood.com, unless the following cases:

1) Agreement to do so. We will ask you in case there is a need (beyond conditions defined in this document) to share user’s personal information with companies, organizations or individuals outside the company.

Other situations (besides point 1), which are specifically defined in this document, do not require any other agreement from side of user. By using the Services, you agree on such use of data according to this document. 2) For the purpose of external use of our suppliers, service providers and other contractual partners (the “Partners”). The information we provide to our contractors, as proven trustworthy companies or individuals who globally support our business, for example by providing services related to technical infrastructure, analyzing ways to use our services, measuring the effectiveness of ads and services to process payments or conducting academic research and surveys. These partners must act in strict accordance with the obligations concerning privacy in a way that complies with the principles of the use of data and contracts they have agreed on. In order to keep our services transparent, we would like to introduce our partners:

– Heroku Privacy, 650 7th St, San Francisco, CA 94103. /a Salesforce company/ (https://heroku.com) https://www.heroku.com/policy/privacy

– ObjectLabs Corporation, 660 York St Suite 101, San Francisco, CA 94110 (https://mlab.com/) https://mlab.com/company/legal/privacy/

– Stormpath, Inc., 1825 S Grant Street, Ste 450, San Mateo, CA 94402, Attn: Compliance Dept. (https://stormpath.com/) https://stormpath.com/privacy_policy

3) Legal reasons for sharing – a reaction to legally supported request. We are authorized to view, store and share your data, if we are asked to do so in a legally sound applications (such as consent for disclosure of stored content or court order), and if we believe that such action is required by law. These may also include legally authorized requests from jurisdictions outside of the country in which the Company has headquarters and where such an action is required by law in that jurisdiction, affects users in that jurisdiction or in accordance with internationally recognized standards. We can also display, store and share data when such an action is necessary for the following: detect, prevent and address fraud and other illegal activities, protection of the Company, our users and other persons from violations of the conditions specified our documents or to prevent death or acute risk to anybody’s health or property. For example, external partners can provide information on the reliability of your account, to prevent fraud and abuse within our Service and beyond. Information we receive from you, may include data of financial transactions related to purchases made in connection with the use of the Service, we can display and store for longer period if they are the subject of legally substantiated request and obligations official investigation by state authorities or investigation in connection with possible violation of our terms and principles, or the need to save such data to prevent from another issue.

We can also keep information from deactivated accounts because of violations of our terms and conditions over the past 12 months to prevent this to happen.

The company may use the data also provide company, organization, individual, or other entity only if it is in the good faith belief that access to such data, use, preservation or disclosure is reasonably necessary to comply with the applicable regulation, legal process or enforceable requirement of public authority, applying the relevant contractual terms and conditions, including investigation of potential violations, detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud, technical problems or safety problems, protection against harm to the rights, property or safety of the Company, our users or the public as required or permitted by law.

4) Anonymous information may be shared for purposes of research and trend analysis or other metrics related to the general provision of services.

If there is a change in ownership or control within the Company, or in the event that the Company will participate in the merger, transformation of legal form, or sell your property, or otherwise something similar happens (eg. transferring the Services or part of them), you agree on transferring of all authority from all documents on the Company’s legal successor or other contract acquirer. The company has an obligation to ensure confidentiality and protection of personal data before the data will be transferred to them or becomes subject to a different privacy policy. We would let us users know in advance of a possible termination of the use of the services.

Data security

The company is committed to the highest possible quality of security of your data and to prevent unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction.

The company emphasizes in selecting and securing partners to retain relevant data to use good security and security standards for their services. Access to personal data is confined to trusted persons, ie. The Company’s employees and our contractors. Our partners are contractually bound to strict confidentiality obligations. If there is an issue (proprietary or non) which not caused by the Company, or an issue caused by breach of this document or legislation, no one is allowed to claim a refund and user cannot claim the right for compensation for material and nonmaterial damage.

User Permissions

User Services has the right to demand information on what data about him company are processed to the extent provided by law. We provide information to the user without any delays. Should a user think that the Company or its partners process eg. Incomplete or inaccurate personal data, then has the right to request clarification or correction, addition or blocking of personal data. In the event that the user considers that the Company processes personal data in contravention of this document, in violation of the protection of private and personal life or in contradiction with effective legislation, has the right to require to not continue in such processing or require disposal of such processed data . The application must be submitted in written form or in electronic form (e-mail) to privacy@meetingroomapp.com. The company has a duty to inform the user about the processing of his application. The company has the right to provide information in accordance with § 12 para. 4 of the Act no. 101/2000 Coll., On Personal Data Protection, require reasonable compensation not exceeding the cost of providing this information.

Changing document

The Privacy Policy document and other information can be changed in the future. All changes will be published through this document, please remember to focus on the effective date mentioned at the beginning of the document. If there happen to be any significant changes in this document, we will inform by e-mail or on the main page of the Site.

If you have further questions that are not answered here, send us an email to privacy@meetingroomapp.com and we will do our best to help you.

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