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MeetingRoomApp and GDPR


With regard to the provision of MeetingRoomApp products, we process personal data of natural persons, which, with effect from 25 May 2018, is subject to protection pursuant to the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).

When are we the controller of personal data?

Personal data which we acquire from you in relation to the offer of the aforementioned products are only data which are necessary for further contact and the performance of the contract, specifically the first name, surname, telephone number and email of a natural person representing you – our customer, or which we need to fulfil our legal obligations. We acquire such personal data in particular by means of a contact form on our website (www.meetingroomapp.com) used to send a business enquiry or to place an order, which serves to make a first contact between us, or by means of a direct purchase on our website (https://www.meetingroomapp.com/shop/). We process such data without the need for your consent with regard to the necessity for the performance of a contract (i.e. a lawful reason to process personal data under Article 6(1b) of GDPR). With regard to data subject protection security, transparency of the processing of their personal data and the fulfilment of our duty to inform (as the controller of personal data) within the intention of Article 13 of GDPR, these data subjects shall, at the time when their personal data are provided, be informed about the fact that their personal data are processed, for what purpose and for what lawful reason as well as about any potential receivers of personal data and transfer of personal data outside the European Union.

If you decide to try or use our MeetingRoomApp Cloud product, you will register by creating an account at our web application cloud.meetingroomapp.com. A similar registration process is available in the applications for iPad and Android, which can be downloaded from Apple iTunes or Google Play. The registration in the system and creating a user account is necessary for the purposes of using MeetingRoomApp Cloud product. A natural person representing you as our client and providing their personal data (first name, surname, telephone number) for the purposes of the registration, shall be, prior to the registration, informed about the processing of their personal data, the purpose and lawful reason which authorizes us to do so as well as any related facts so as to ensure the protection of personal data of this person pursuant to GDPR.

A demo version of our MeetingRoomApp Mini product can be downloaded from Google Play using your active Google account, or using our website, where a natural person acting on your behalf, as our client, will provide their personal data (first name, surname, telephone number and email). We need to process such data for the purposes of (mainly but not limited to) sending an email with a link to download the application demo version as well as keeping records of contacts and enquiry information. If you start using our demo version, whether acquired from Google Play or our website, we process personal data of that natural person (email) for the purpose of full version licence sale and activation if purchased. If the Mini application is downloaded from Google Play, we remain the controller of personal data; Google processes personal data on our behalf in accordance with a processing contract concluded between us in writing, only in compliance with our instructions (Google is the processor of personal data in that regard), and thus providing sufficient safeguards as to the protection of data subjects. Having said that, Google is also a controller of personal data of natural persons (disclosed in a user account for the purposes of application purchases) in relation to you as a Google Play user and Google customer.

When are we the processor of personal data?

MeetingRoomApp Cloud
If you use the any MeetingRoomApp application, all personal data which you and your employees use to plan your meetings (in particular first name, surname, email) and of which you are the controller, are displayed in the MeetingRoomApp application but physically stored in your Office 365, Exchange or G Suite systems. Such data are not stored on our servers.

All personal data concerning your meetings are stored on your devices and get deleted automatically when the meeting finishes. Such information is necessary for a proper functioning of the product.

MeetingRoomApp Mini
With regard to the use of the MeetingRoomApp Mini application, personal data of natural persons using the application are processed (first name, surname and work email) with data stored in your Office 365, Exchange or G Suite systems. Such information is not stored on our servers, either.

To synchronize or make an entry on the device, ActiveSync or Calendar provider available on your device is used, the provider of which is either the device Manufacturer or Supplier. For more information, contact the device Manufacturer or Supplier. We recommend using service accounts containing no personal data rather than personal account to synchronize your meetings.

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