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Meeting Room Reporting for Facility Management


Many companies struggle when it comes to managing meeting room and other office space costs. The reason is poor measurability of such costs, usually caused by lack of basic information on how often meeting rooms are used. This leads to undirected investment and an increase in total costs. The solution is a perfectly working technology.

In order to use offices at an optimum cost, space digitization is a key requirement. Only then will you be able to manage meeting and conference rooms effectively, and thanks to MeetingRoomApp Reporting smart technology also to measure data your company needs. How can you do that? Find out more in our article.

MeetingRoomApp Reporting is an analytical tool used to monitor meeting and conference rooms, directly connected to MeetingRoomApp booking system. This tool will provide you with a perfect overview of all bookings and meetings in a building, as well as the exact usage of all your rooms. Let’s take a detailed look at this tool and its features.

Reporting Activation

You’ll find the basic data generation settings in the Location and Period sections of the MeetingRoomApp Reporting administration. Here you can select locations, working hours and time period to generate the data you need. In the Location section, you can choose a particular meeting room, floor or the entire building. If your company’s buildings are located on different continents, a feature you will find very useful is the smart time zone converter, which will generate your data in the required time mode. Reporting can generate data daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

Reporting can generate data daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

Color Indication Panel

A total overview of all meetings with an immediate result is shown on a color indication panel, or a dashboard. A clear graph includes all bookings in exact figures: planned, ad-hoc or cancelled.

Meeting Room Usage

The Top Usage feature shows a clear graph of meeting rooms and their total occupancy. This feature will tell you exactly which meeting room is used most often and which is not. Each room is marked with the exact number of meetings and hours spent in a particular room.

Creating analyses and reports using MeetingRoomApp Reporting is very easy.


Another useful tool is the Heat Map. This feature shows what time of the day your meeting and conference rooms are used the most. This allows you to measure how busy your office space is: to order cleaning and maintenance at the right time or choose the most suitable room for your conference has never been easier.

Detailed statistics by Heat Map

Total Occupancy Analysis

The Total Occupancy smart feature shows a graph of the total occupancy and the number of potentially available hours of the meeting rooms in a given period in the working hours. This feature will provide invaluable data e.g. when you decide about investment into your meeting rooms. If you’re not sure whether you have a sufficient number of meeting rooms, this graph will help you analyze your current situation very quickly.

Total Occupancy Analysis

Data Assessment

Use data generated by MeetingRoomApp Reporting in a smart way. Not only will you be able to assess your company’s condition, but you can also use the data to measure productivity, manage costs and decide about investments. This makes MeetingRoomApp Reporting an ideal tool for facility managers, office managers, building administrators and receptions.

Stay on top of what’s happening in your company and get more time to optimize your company processes just where you need. If your company aims for development and infrastructure growth, this is the tool you need.

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