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How we implement the MeetingRoomApp booking system with our clients


One of our major clients is Konica Minolta, whose Brno office has implemented a number of our devices. What does such an implementation involve and what are its stages? How satisfied are our clients with the complex solution?


1 ) Testing the app

In the first stage, the client borrows the device and tests the booking system’s functionality and quality. Having carried out the testing successfully, the client purchases the software and unless they wish to implement the system themselves, we help to provide a complex solution.

2 ) Choosing a device

At the very beginning of the implementation, we help our clients choose their hardware device from a range of tablets available on the market. In this stage, we also agree on the total number of devices and licences the client purchases.

3 ) Implementing the software

Once the purchased hardware device is available, we can set up all the user accounts to synchronize calendars as well as the MeetingRoomApp based on your corporate culture. The settings are always tailored to the client’s needs.

4 ) Technical preparations and trial run

This stage begins by laying electrical cables, carried out by a specialised company and followed by mounting the device on the meeting room wall. Finally, we test the system connection and functionality.

‘‘Adoption of a new system to a company is always a sensitive issue. However, there is no need to feel concerned about MeetingRoomApp. The app has been designed as a user-friendly reservation system useful for anyone in your company,’’ says Marek Ostrý, the founder of Letsgood.com.

5 ) Going live

The system can go live immediately after having completed the trial run. The duration of the implementation depends entirely on the project size and complexity. However, standard implementations take no more than one day.


6 ) Training and updates

Employees are trained online using a simple user manual. Monthly to quarterly software updates, including news and system upgrades, are available directly in the app.

‘‘The MeetingRoomApp solution helps us use our meeting space more effectively and fits in our office design. It proves to be extremely efficient and time-saving when it comes to meeting management. Its positive impact on work productivity made us decide to expand the system to our other branches,’’ says Petr Valenta, Konica Minolta Senior Manager at IT Application Competence Centers Europe.

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