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6 Hacks to Make Your Office Healthy


‘Just keep a safe distance between desks and employees. Don’t have enough workspace? Rent some more!’ Companies are supposed to follow current recommendations for good workplace hygiene, but what if you simply don’t have the option? Seeking to comply with health requirements has become a common headache for a lot of businesses these days. If renting out more office space is beyond your means, act smart and check out our tips.

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Hot Desking, 100% Hygienic

Open-plan offices, where a large number of people share their working space, are now triggering negative emotions. Just like any other shared space for that matter. That’s why companies are increasingly opting for hot desking. Hot desking and home office make a perfect combination. A single work station, multiple coworkers. And to comply with hygiene requirements, get the HotDeskApp technologyour smart hot desk booking software.

The software can help you create a modern and flexible working environment. More employees can use a single work station without meeting or getting into each other’s way. Booking the desk takes just a second: either using your chip card and a display panel, or remotely from your calendar.

Sanitizer Stations and New Personal Hygiene Materials

Always have hygiene products at hand. It pays off to install automatic touchless sanitizer stations with antibacterial hand gel, sanitizer, single use wipe or face mask dispensers in busy places. Apply hand sanitizer or gel on dry hands. Use paper towels in place of textile ones and have separate closable trash bins for used hygiene products. Many open-plan offices are also installing acrylic sneeze guards and dividers to partition the workspace easily and at affordable prices. Another idea might be getting sanitizing antibacterial door mats.

Plants and Flowers

Live plants in the office might not look like they significantly improve your health, but they do. They clean the air, boost workers’ wellbeing and productivity, and absorb dust and harmful substances from air conditioning. A highly popular variation these days are living plant walls or plants hanging from the ceiling.

Access to Information

Some people might get worried or anxious about their health. Improve your workers’ mental wellbeing by regular updates about any changes to the workplace. Make sure you provide all important information about hygiene measures from a single source to avoid misinformation. Everyone in the workplace should be able to reach out to a competent person who will give advice and help to overcome their insecurity.

Eating over the Keyboard and Fridge Rules

Stay safe while eating. How about a lunch in a quiet corner of the office or in a park? When you eat at your desk, the food may get contaminated from the desktop. And remember to check food in the fridge, as well. Microbes from a spoiled snack can be easily transferred to other people’s meals.

Nanotechnology to Clean the Office

Doorknobs are an obvious spot, but do you disinfect other objects in the office that might not be as obvious but that people touch on a daily basis? Touchscreens, phones, tablets, interactive boards: you use all of them every day. It’s a good idea to clean the surfaces using smart nanotechnology that prevents bacterial contamination and makes cleaning easier.

Healthy workspace and social distance between desks

You may also get inspired in Japan, renowned for high standards of cleanliness. Japanese had liked to use hand sanitizer after every time they washed their hands even before the coronavirus arrived. When they clean up, they remove all the equipment first and put it back afterwards. They start at the top and move down, and they never brush surfaces, just wipe them off to avoid creating scratches where bacteria might settle. And interestingly enough, you will never ever see a wet floor mop in Japan.

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