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Overview of meeting rooms in your company at one place: how to get it and enhance it.


If you’re thinking of enhancing the overview of your meeting rooms and other company space, try our new service Room Wayfinder and Overview of the MeetingRoomApp booking system. This new service will provide you with updated and well-arranged information on your meeting rooms as well as a navigation system for your visitors and employees.
A great addition to MeetingRoomApp multifunctional booking system apps.

How does it work and where can we use it?

Room Wayfinder and Overview shows the overview of meeting rooms and is designed for televisions or similar large screen devices at the reception, in a lounge or elsewhere in your company. Connected to all booking devices at the meeting rooms, the service shows updated information on the availability of all meeting rooms in the company.

One glance at the television screen will give you a perfect overview of all meeting rooms. Finding your way in the company is made easier thanks to a navigation system of direction signs.

The navigation system for your visitors and employees – MeetingRoomApp

Room Wayfinder and Overview advantages

  • Updated overview of all meeting rooms and their availability at one place
  • Navigation system: direction signs which help you find the right way
  • Easy implementation and connection to all meeting room devices
  • Remote administration and easy setup (using your own account)
  • Complementary service for the MeetingRoomApp booking system

The new service will prove a great addition to your MeetingRoomApp multifunctional booking system apps.

If you are interested in service, please contact us at [email protected].


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