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Organizing your meetings has never been easier!


Companies are often facing problems with availability of meeting rooms; either they have to deal with overbooked rooms or unused spaces. This can cause confusion and lost time. MeetingRoomApp is an application designed specifically for the schedule planning of meeting facilities. Thanks to this application you will have an instant overview of the availability of a particular room – simple, easy and stress-free.

meeting-room-shipApplication MeetingRoomApp in Etnetera Group a.s.

How does it actually work in practice?

MeetingRoomApp is an Android application that you simply install on your tablet, which you place near the entrance of the meeting room. This makes it so much easier and faster to process the booking of individual meeting rooms in your company and you will always have an overview of whether the room is available or what business meeting is currently taking place there.

Integration with other applications

The big advantage is the possibility of linking the application to Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange Outlook calendar. For example, when creating appointments using Google Calendar, you can not only add invitees, but also a meeting room. In case that the selected room is not available at that time, you will be automatically asked to choose either a different room or a different time.

You can also book the meeting room directly on your tablet using double-clicks. Now you can be sure that nobody will disturb you during the meeting.

App benefits

  • Easy to get used to the application – The application can be controlled very easily, you’ll learn to use it in a minute.
  • Intuitive interface – Very simple operation and no need explaining the functions for too long.
  • The integration of the two most used calendars- Google Calendar and MS Exchange Outlook calendar
  • Design – Modern and compelling design guarantees an easy work with the application. Color signal on the screen immediately informs you about the availability of the room (e.g. Green indicates AVAILABLE, red indicates UNAVAILABLE)

MeetingRoomApp is definitely one of the applications that you need for a successful business and for a smooth operation of your company. The future version of the app should be powered by a solar panel and with a motion sensor function, thanks to which the system would be automatically able to recognize if the invitees arrived to the meeting. Otherwise the booking would be cancelled after 15 minutes.

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