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New version of MeetingRoomApp 2.0.5 released


Our new version of the app has three new functions and other improvements. New version is able to download for clients with purchased maintenance service as well as for new clients. We have prepared a new Instruction manual how to book a meeting room and use the new functions of MeetingRoomApp. You can download pdf file here. 


This function confirms your attendance at the meeting. Participants who booked the meeting remotely have to confirm their attendance on the display of the meeting room device by pressing the Confirm button. If the attendance is not confirmed within 15 minutes after the scheduled start, the meeting is automatically cancelled and the meeting room immediately becomes available for reservations. This function aims to minimise ineffective use of company space due to scheduled but missed meetings.


This new function allows you to book any room on the display of a meeting room device. Users can see all the meeting rooms in the company directly on the reservation device, and choose and book an available room suitable for their needs quickly and easily, using a ‘television panel’You can book any meeting room using any reservation device in the building. This function has proven to be ideal for organisations with large premises or offices on several floors.


This function allows you to see company events on the display of the meeting room device. Particularly useful for training rooms, the function turns the device into an information panel displaying basic information about the event currently held in the room. The reservation can be made only remotely by the event organiser. After the event finishes, the app can be switched back to the standard reservation system.

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