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New Features That Will Shape 2020


Our 2020 Road Map presents three major technology trends.

At MeetingRoomApp, we are constantly working towards improving our booking apps; get ready for three great new features next year.

Customizing MeetingRoomApp look to match your brand

In addition to your logo and app background, you can now enjoy a brand new feature: change the app colors to match your company’s visual style. This will allow you to align the complete app design with your corporate identity.

Meeting booking app design to match your company’s visual style

MeetingRoomApp Dark Mode

The modern Dark Mode will be made available as another design variation of our app. In doing so, we’re joining tech giants such as Google and Apple, also applying dark themes to their apps. And between ourselves, screens displaying MeetingRoomApp in Dark Mode look just great.

How does a display with a booking system look

NFC/RFID identification cards and tags support

You will be able to communicate with our software using identification cards and tags. This will make booking a meeting room easier than ever before. All you’ll need to do will be to place your NFC/RFID tag or card on a device and book the room. When sending an invite from a tablet, you will no longer need to fill out the organizer’s or participant’s email address, as that will be done automatically. Let modern technologies work for you and make your life easier.

Innovation in conference room bookings

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