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MeetingRoomApp reservation system: 5 reasons to digitize meeting rooms


1 – Digital signature

Modern and functional meeting space is a growing trend. To book a meeting directly on the meeting room tablet helps to convey information quickly across the company. Colour-based signals send out a clear message whether the meeting room is available or not. The innovative solution of transferring data between your online calendar and the meeting room tablet keeps day-to-day running of the company smooth and effective.

2 – Effectiveness

The reservation system allows you to plan and book your meeting room schedule quickly and easily. Check and book your meeting room online wherever you are (on a business trip, at home or visiting a client). Find an easy way to manage your company meetings effectively and to use your company space better. The app can be shared and accessed online by all employees (from a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone).

3 – Integration

MeetingRoomApp reservation system is fully compatible with Google CalendarMicrosoft Exchange and Office 365. You can synchronize the app with your current company systems easily with no need to buy any new supporting systems. Besides, this solution guarantees zero security risks as it uses no external servers.

4 – Costs

You can also use the reservation system to track your meeting costs. The app can help you to compare the costs of in-house and external meetings, to reduce meeting room costs (e.g. heating, lighting etc.) and to decide about investments in refurnishing your meeting facilities.

5 – Working environment

A busy working environment requires smooth organization which will keep your employees happy and productive. MeetingRoomApp deals with problems and chaos when booking rooms, in meetings or impromptu client visits. The reservation system will help any employee to find space for their meeting or Skype call in no time. Create a comfortable and positive working environment your employees will appreciate and stay one step ahead of the competition.


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