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MeetingRoomApp Cloud and On-Premise Update


New enhancements in security, functionality and design! The MeetingRoomApp Cloud update makes the user interface friendlier and introduces more effective security measures.

Administrator interface

  • IP Whitelist Cloud – now you can set IP addresses of devices on which you want MeetingRoomApp to be enabled.

  • Monitoring – check from which IP addresses your app users connect.

Assign your IP addresses to your Cloud user account. Just follow the instructions.

Assign your IP addresses to your Cloud.
  • Device serial number register – You can now find serial numbers of all devices in the administration section (under the Devices tab) as well as in the app itself. The register provides a complete overview and easy pairing of devices for administrators.
  • Time zone, language and time format settings – No matter which hemisphere you live on, you can now set up everything you need in the administration section (under the Buildings tab). The available language options are: Swedish, Czech, English, German and Hungarian.

New functions for Android, iOS

  • Confirm Your Attendance function update – unlike with the old version, you can now confirm the meeting also 15 minutes before it starts. We like to make changes for the better for you.
You can now confirm a meeting before it starts – MeetingRoomApp
A new confirmation button icon – MeetingRoomApp
  • Orange LED indicator for the Confirm Your Attendance function – LED indicators at Philips devices now turn orange thanks to a brand new app function. That means you can tell whether there is going to be a meeting in the room at first sight.
  • Extending an ongoing meeting – Using the + icon, you can now extend an ongoing meeting directly on the display of the device. Need more time for your meeting? No problem!
Meeting Room Booking System – MeetingRoomApp
  • Scheduling a meeting – schedule your meeting directly on the device screen and book your room in advance.
  • Extending agenda timeline on the display – You can now keep track of all meetings on a 5-day agenda timeline.
  • Full-screen mode – This feature, which shows a company event on the display, now looks much better. New year, new us.
Full-screen mode – MeetingRoomApp
  • All-day events get confirmed automatically – If you book a meeting room for all day, you don’t have to confirm your attendance on the device before the meeting. The system will automatically do so for you.
  • Unconfirmed meetings get rejected or cancelled – If a meeting is not confirmed at the meeting room, the organiser will receive an email notification of the rejected or cancelled booking.
  • Hidden gestures – The app now supports hidden gestures, which allows you to close the app in full-screen mode.
  • Android Oreo support – We’ve launched support for Android Oreo operating system.
  • Ad hoc booking protection PIN – When enabled in the administration section (under the Devices tab), the ad hoc booking protection feature allows you to make a booking only after having entered your PIN on the display.
Ad hoc booking protection PIN – MeetingRoomApp

Android color design change

LED indicator colors for Philips devices enhanced – the enhanced design of green and red LED indicators make the general impression even better.



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