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How Does a Chip Card Make Booking a Meeting Room Easier?


Just place the card, that’s it. Booking a meeting room has never been more convenient. Our room booking software can now communicate with identification NFC/RFID cards and tags. The very same cards and tags that you use to open your office door. Scheduling a meeting and inviting participants is now just as simple.

Booking for now or later

Just place your NFC/RFID card on a device; booking a meeting room takes only a few seconds. The system will automatically detect you as the organizer, filling in your email address.

The good news is that this new feature works for all kinds of reservations that you like to make:

  • For ad-hoc bookings, when you need the space immediately;
  • For advance bookings, when you want to book a meeting room for later.

Enhanced meeting invites

The new technology is also used in the Meeting Invite feature. When you place your NFC card on the room booking display, the system will automatically identify you and have you as the meeting organizer, filling in your email address. That makes creating an invite from a tablet much faster.

The tablet with NFC/RFID

Qbic TD-1050 is a modern booking tablet with a touchscreen and embedded technology to communicate with chip cards. Its NFC module supports chip cards by globally renowned brands Mifare and Sony Felica. Installation on any surface is easy, which makes this tablet an ideal choice for our software.

One card, more options

Do you already use chip cards in the office? Make the most of them. You use them to open the door, to track attendance, to send documents to a printer or to connect to Wi-Fi; use them to book a meeting room and schedule a meeting, too.

Do you need a hand choosing a chip card? We’ll be happy to help. Let us know.

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