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Discover what’s coming in 2023 with MeetingRoomApp


We are constantly working towards improving your MeetingRoomApp experience. Our updates allow you to maximize the potential of your workspace and collaborate freely and without any fuss. Let’s check what we have prepared for you.

Be smart with HomeKit Sensors

Boost your premises with HomeKit Sensors to:

  • Optimize the MeetingRoomApp behavior and move to the next level with automation;
  • Set up motion-based actions and reduce consumption to save both your costs and the environment.

Applicable for Apple devices only, coming in Q2/2023.

Navigate with floor plans (Maps)

Soon you’ll be able to locate a meeting room using Floor Plan. Just use your floor plan to set up a visual Map of your workspace and you’ll never get lost again! You can look forward to finding your way on the Map in Q3/2023.

Speed up your searches with Finder and manage your bookings with My Calendar

Finding a suitable and available meeting room or company resource is now much easier. Search and filter resources in Finder and get an instant overview of your company resources. You can view the results in a variety of formats such as a list, a grid or a map view.

My Calendar is a new calendar component with an overview of the user’s schedule. Any user can create an event, send an invite and similarly to Finder, find available resources based on the criteria and get suggestions on which rooms are available in a few steps.

For our on-premise users, these options will become available in Q1, for our Cloud users in Q3/2023.


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