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5 Reasons iPad Users Will Love Our Room Booking System


The iconic iPad has been growing ever more popular with companies; it’s become a common sight in the hands of their managers and staff alike. MeetingRoomApp conference room booking system is no exception. The two team up to make an extra functional, design and timeless combination. And there’s not one, but five reasons why.

ipad a conference room booking software for meeting room app

1. Great Value for Money

The times when Apple products were used by just a handful of American companies are long gone. Companies worldwide are switching to iOS devices these days, replacing their entire IT arsenal. Offices are witnessing calls made from iPhones, notes taken on iPads, Macbooks carried in briefcases and meeting materials shared on iCloud; with even desktop monitors adorned with the apple with a bite out of it.

iPads are also increasingly used as room booking displays on walls next to conference rooms. No wonder, MeetingRoomApp works on them like a charm. If you’re looking for an efficient solution to book your rooms and schedule your meetings as well as a perfect scheduling display, iPad and the MeetingRoomApp software are a great match. Not to mention the fact that iPad is keenly priced in many countries. In the US, retailers sell it as cheap as $300.

2. Modern Design

iPad is no ordinary tablet. It’s a modern, stylish device that takes pride in its pure and simple design. iPad on your meeting room wall speaks for itself. It symbolizes the company’s prestige and high status. Just like iPad, MeetingRoomApp is quick and easy to use. It features modern design and the Stylebook editor that allows users to set up customized app background, the popular dark mode and many more design effects.

3. Premium Product

There are a number of iPad models on the market to choose from: iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini or the classical iPad. All of them share three features: high quality, speed and flawless communication with MeetingRoomApp. The booking software runs quickly on all iPad models with a fast display response. The high brightness, color support and viewing angle of the Retina display helps to keep the app view just perfect. Plus the oleophobic coating of the screen provides fingerprint resistance.

4. Smart Mounting

Your iPad can be wall mounted quite easily using a special mount frame. There is a wide range of producers and designs on the market. iPad owners found e.g. MagTarget, Basalte Eve, Heckler Design, VidaBox, Kensington Windfall Frame and many more to work especially well.

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5. You Know the Device

If your company already uses Apple products and you want to make booking your meeting rooms and scheduling your meetings simpler, you don’t have to learn how to use a new model or brand. You just get another iPad to your office. You can use it, you know what it can do and how to navigate. You’ll get used to working with MeetingRoomApp just as quickly. Take our word for it.

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